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You can activate your service through SMS .Procedures are given below:
SMS to 5050:

1. Btunes On // Send this SMS to 5050 to activate CRBT on your number.

2. Btunes Off // To turn off the or unregister the CRBT

3. Btunes tone_ID // To change the ring back tone e.g. .btunes 10.

4. Btunes Copy mobile_number // to copy someone else.s ring back tone e.g. btunes copy 17001700.

5. Btunes gift tone_id mobile_number //to gift a new tone to your friend e.g. btunes gift 10 17001700.

6. Btunes View // to view the status of tone

7. Btunes Help // For help

You can also activate your service through IVR.Procedures are given below:


1. Call short code 5050 and follow instructions.

2. Press 1 to set English as default language and 2 for Dzongkh

3. Press 1 to copy friends caller tune or to register new user

4. Press 2 to listen to RAP and R&B titles

5. Press 3 to listen to Rock

6. Press 4 to listen to 70s and 80s classic

7. Press 5 to listen to techno house and dance

8. Press 6 to listen to classical and folk

9. Press 7 to listen to TV theme and music

10. Press 8 to listen to Reggae

11. Press 9 to listen to Parody